A Guppy Pond - Care Techniques

Pond care is an essential part of being a guppy pet owner. The use of a natural or artificial pond as the habitat for your pets may have a bearing on what type of care techniques you will need to follow throughout the course of owning your fish.

Regulate And Replenish

Guppies tend to thrive in warm climates but will survive in cooler ones as long as their water temperature is regulated. Overheated water can also become an issue, further stressing the importance of regulating the water temperature. If you choose to purchase an artificial pond, investing in a starter pond kit that contains a thermostat, a water heater, and an aeration device will help you maintain the temperature of the water.

A kit may contain a submersible thermometer or a floating thermometer. A thermometer will aid with keeping track of the water temperature. A larger, natural pond will require the use of the same equipment, but may require regulation aids that are much more powerful. This is due to the increased volume of water that will be in a natural pond.

Aerating an artificial or natural pond will help keep the water temperature cool during the warmer months. If your fish are placed in a shallow pond, prepare to replenish the water as needed. A shallow pond can pose a threat to guppies and other fish varieties. As the sun's rays beat down onto the water, the water can heat up to dangerous levels.

Introduce Plants And Clean The Water

Your guppies will consume many plants that are found in marshy areas. A pet specialist can advise you on the types of plants to invest in and the proper way to introduce them to your guppies. Guppies also prefer plants for the sheltering properties they provide. 

If you choose to purchase a small pond from your pet store, you can bring it indoors during the winter. A larger homemade pond or a natural pond can remain outdoors. A light kit can be set up around the pond, to provide the body of water with increased visibility.

If the guppy pond ever becomes overcrowded, use a net to remove excess fish. When dividing guppies, you will need an alternate pond to place the surplus fish in. Purchase a water testing kit to assess the cleanliness of the pond water at scheduled times throughout the year. Use water treatment aids to clean dirty water as needed. Water treatment aids will control algae growth and eliminate foreign substances from the water. 

For more info about pond maintenance, contact a local company. 

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