3 Reasons Why German Shepherds Make Great Pets

There are a lot of dog breeds out there for you to choose your very best buddy from, and a lot of people go with more popular choices in America like golden retrievers and labradors. While those dogs are certainly great in their own right, if you are looking for the best partner in crime or a family pet that you can all equally enjoy, it is hard to look past the German shepherd puppies for sale. Here are a few reasons why German shepherds make the best dogs and why you should prioritize them over the other options available to you.


It feels nice to be loved by your pet as much as you love them, and while some dogs are more aloof and like alone time, German shepherds famously are very loyal. They were bred to be extremely hard-working and trusting dogs, and that ethos has not left them, which is why you commonly see them as guard dogs and with police and military units. They will protect their owners if anything happens because their love is boundless — but they show that love in more ways than simply defending you in a time of crisis. 

Very Gentle And Great For Families

Sometimes German shepherds can get a bad rap for being violent dogs, but that is only when they are trained in those environments listed above, and you rarely ever will hear of an attack by a German shepherd in a residential environment. They are exceptionally gentle with their family and know their strengths and weaknesses, which makes them great with children as well. They are very intelligent and can recognize when it is just a little human that is being too rough by accident and when there is a serious threat, and they will never strike or lash out against their owners for these misunderstandings. 

Warm And Funny Personalities

Due to their high levels of intelligence, many German shepherds develop quite unique personalities that match their owners far better than most other dogs. Some German shepherds become very silly and playful and love to hear their owners laugh. If that is not your style, a German shepherd is just as happy being more serious and will follow orders after minimal training. As long as their owner is happy, a German shepherd will be happy in almost any environment because of their love for those who take care of them. 

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