Tips for Taking Your Pet to an Emergency Animal Hospital

You might be used to taking your pet to the vet for basic preventive care, such as getting your pet vaccinated or getting a prescription for heartworm prevention medication. However, you might have never had to take your pet to an emergency animal hospital. Now that you might be facing an emergency situation, there's a chance that you don't really know what to do. These tips can help you with taking your pet to an emergency animal hospital.

Determine if It's an Emergency Situation

First, you should determine if it's an emergency situation. If you think your pet is safe and comfortable until the next business day, then you may want to wait and use your regular veterinarian to save money. If your pet seems to be in serious pain, or if you think that your pet's health is in serious jeopardy, then you're sure to find it's worth it to use an emergency animal hospital's services, even if they are a little more expensive.

Prepare to Go to a Different Veterinarian

If your regular veterinarian offers emergency services, then you may be able to take your pet to the same vet that you always use. However, there are special emergency animal hospitals out there that offer after-hours services, and there's a chance you may have to take your pet to one of these veterinarians, such as if your pet is seriously injured or seriously ill on a weekend or holiday. Because of this, you might have to be prepared to take your pet to a different veterinarian than you have used in the past, although you do, of course, have the option to go to your regular veterinarian for follow-up care later on.

Call Ahead

It's a good idea to call ahead of time before loading up your pet to go to the emergency vet. They can let you know whether or not they are accepting after-hours patients, and they can help you determine whether or not your pet needs emergency care. They may be able to give instructions over the phone, and you may be able to use these instructions to avoid the emergency vet visit or to keep your pet stabilized until you arrive at the animal hospital.

Secure Your Pet

If your pet is seriously injured, there is a chance that they could be injured even worse if you aren't careful about how you handle them. Putting them in a carrier so that you can safely carry them into the animal hospital is often the best choice, when possible.

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