6 Interesting Things To Know Before You Buy A Ball Python

Have you always thought it would be cool to get a ball python as a pet? If you like the look of these reptiles but do not know a lot about what they need and what it is like to have them as pets, check out these six interesting things to know about ball pythons.

Ball Pythons Have a Longer Lifespan Than Many Other Animals

If you are going to buy a ball python, you should be prepared to commit to being a reptile owner for quite a while. When safe in captivity, ball pythons can live for as long as three decades, and sometimes, they might live even longer than that. When you are willing to provide long-term care, including cleaning the tank, providing meals, and spending time with the ball python, knowing that the reptile will live such a long life may be great news to hear.

These Reptiles Do Not Weigh as Much as People Tend to Think

When you look at a ball python, you might think it was 20 or 30 pounds, but that is not the case. Although many people believe these reptiles are more massive, they tend to weigh five pounds or less, making them an easy pet to hold and play with when you feel like it. You can even allow your children to hold them, but you should always supervise children caring for the ball python to avoid any potential accidents.

You Do Need to Give Your Ball Python Rodents to Eat

A ball python's diet consists primarily of rodents, such as rats and mice. You may wonder if that means that you would need to supply your pet with a rodent each day. Unlike humans, ball pythons do not need to eat daily. You can provide the reptile with one rodent every week or two. The ball python will wait until it is the right time before constricting the rodent and swallowing it.

Ball Pythons Can Bite, But It Is Rare For Them to Do So

Ball pythons can bite people, but it is not a common thing for them to do. Your ball python may only bite someone if it feels like it is in danger. If you sustain a bite from your ball python, it might sting a bit. A bite from a ball python may lead to a bit of bruising. If you are gently caring for this docile animal, you do not need to be too concerned with the possibility of your pet biting you.

These Reptiles Can Make Hissing Noises

Your ball python can make hissing noises. Do not be alarmed by these noises because it does not necessarily mean that your ball python is getting ready to bite you or someone else in the household. The hissing sound does indicate that your ball python is annoyed with you and wants to be left alone. The reptile might feel bothered or in danger at that moment, causing the animal to make such a sound. If the ball python hisses at you, place it back in its tank.

You Need to Provide the Right Environment For a Ball Python

You need to have the right environment for your ball python to keep it comfortable and help it thrive. The right environment includes a large tank with space for the ball python to slither around. You should have mulch shavings, branches, and other items inside the tank that replicate the ball python's natural habitat. You can find most or all of what you need at a local pet store before you buy the reptile and take it home with you.

With the information provided, you can decide if buying a ball python is the right decision for your family. If you can provide long-term care, offer the right environment, and give the reptile the attention it needs, a ball python is a great pet to get.

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