Activities To Try With An Energetic German Shepherd Puppy

When you buy a German shepherd puppy, one of the things that you'll notice immediately is how much energy this breed of dog has. While they're also celebrated for their intelligence, German shepherds are packed with energy — especially when they're puppies. You may occasionally feel frustrated with a puppy that is energetic, but that's a sign that you aren't giving it enough exercise. If you give the dog an adequate daily outlet to expend its energy, it will typically be better behaved and easier to train. There are a number of different activities that you can use to help your puppy burn off energy — including these ideas.


Running is one of the simplest activities that you can do with a puppy to help it expend its energy, but it can also be one of the most effective. There are a handful of ways that you can run with your German shepherd. If you're physically fit, put a leash on the dog and go for a jog on some trails near your home. While the puppy may occasionally attempt to pull away from you, stay dedicated to moving forward. Eventually, the German shepherd will get the message and be a good running companion. If you lack the ability to run, visit a dog park with a family member, stand apart, and have the dog run back and forth between you.

Play Wrestling

Depending on your puppy's demeanor, another tactic that you can use to help reduce its energy is to play wrestle with it. This can be a fun activity to play in your basement or backyard, as you want to be in an open space where nothing will get broken. Lie on the floor or ground, and your puppy will likely approach you. In a gentle manner, grab it around the midsection and wrestle with it a bit. It won't take long for the German shepherd to realize that this is play time, and it will be quick to roll around with you.

Visiting The Water

While German shepherds aren't technically water dogs, many of them enjoy being in the water. Whether you attempt to teach your puppy to swim, or you simply enjoy jumping around in a few inches of water along the shore, this is another activity that your dog will likely enjoy — and that will help to make it tired. It's a good idea, especially when your dog is young, to keep a leash on it so that it doesn't venture out too far into the deep water.

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