A Few Good Tips For A Healthy Dog

When you bring home a puppy or a full-grown dog, you want to keep them as healthy as possible. While some health issues are unavoidable, there are others that you may be able to prevent. This article will educate you on some steps you can take that can help you keep your dog healthier and safer:

1: Keep them up to date on their shots

Unless you have been given proof that your new dog was given all of the shots they need, you want to assume that they haven't had them. It's better to give them an extra vaccination than it is to not give them enough. If you don't like the idea of giving them what could be an extra vaccination, then the vet can give them a titer, which is a test that will tell you if they have the necessary antibodies to fight off the illnesses the vaccinations would cover. If they have the necessary antibodies already, then no shots are needed, but the titer test can be quite a bit more costly than simply giving them the shots.

2: Consider having them fixed

Not only will fixing your dog ensure they don't reproduce, but it can also help them remain safer because they won't have those strong mating urges that can lead to them running off where they can get injured or lost. Also, fixing them can cut down on some of those problematic behaviors that can take their toll on your patience and even on the condition of your house.

3: Feed your dog a grain-free diet

Feeding your dog a grain-free diet is much better for their long-term health than feeding them foods full of grains and other fillers. The first few ingredients listed on the bag should be quality products, such as real chicken or another meat product. You also want to see other products that are good for your dog, such as potatoes and/or blueberries. You don't want to see things listed as fillers, animal byproducts, or artificial coloring.


Keeping the information provided above in mind will help you to keep your dog as healthy as possible. You also want to make sure you always take them in for their exams, at a vet hospital like 1st Pet Veterinary Centers, so any possible problems they may have are found and treated as quickly as possible. Training your dog to listen to you will also help to prevent them from getting injured by putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.

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