3 Things To Consider If You Have Lost Your Pet

Losing a family pet can be very stressful. But it is not uncommon for dogs to run away, not because they are unhappy with their owner, but because they are looking for something specific or are simply bored. In order to find your pet when they become lost, you need to understand the more effective ways to bring them home. Here are some things to consider when you lose your family pet.

1. Consider The Reasons For Your Pet Leaving

First of all, there are only a couple reasons a pet would leave their comfortable home. One common reason is for sexual urges. If your pet has not been neutered, then they might have gone looking for a way to satisfy their sexual needs. If this is the case for your pet, you might want to look places where there are other pets and where your dog may have gone. Also know that there is a good chance they will return home after satisfying their desires.

Another reason the dog may have left is for boredom. They might have seen a fun truck, noticed children playing, followed a car, or a myriad of other reasons. If you suspect this is the problem, look for a place with children, such as a park, the direction of the ice cream truck that passed, or a place where the dog might go for entertainment.

2. Consider Your Pet's Stamina

If you have a small house pet, they probably don't have a lot of stamina to run very far. They probably only got a couple miles away at the very most. However, a large dog who is in good shape could get much farther. Once you have determined how far you think your pet could have gone, you need to start looking around the radius of the place of the lost them. For instance, if you were at the park and they ran away, search out a couple mile radius of the park. If it was your house, you can search from there.

3. Look For Pet Friendly Areas

Your pet is most likely to be found in a pet friendly area. If they are not welcome somewhere, they are likely to go where someone will be nice to them. Some places might be parks, neighborhoods, playgrounds, and so forth. It is always a good idea to post signs and send out listings telling about your missing pet.

By considering some of these things, you will find your lost pet easier. And for more information, contact a local lost pet listing service, such as Animal Lost and Found

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