3 Tips For Keeping Your New Puppy Safely Contained In Your Backyard

If you own your own home and have recently adopted a puppy, you may be looking forward to letting them move around outside to get some exercise and fresh air. While a fenced-in yard can be ideal for a dog to spend some time playing outdoors, you need to make sure that you simply don't let them run loose without a few precautions first.

Since your puppy could become loose if you're not careful, you should consider the following three things before letting them out unsupervised in your yard.

Make Microchipping a Priority

One of the first things you'll need to do after adopting your puppy and bringing it home is getting it microchipped. While some shelters may offer microchipping before puppies go home with their new owners, this may not always be the case. Regardless of if it is included in the adoption fee or not, you need to make sure that your puppy gets microchipped at a vet clinic like Gulfport Veterinarian so that it is done safely and will provide the extra peace of mind you want.

Get the Right Fence Installed

Along with getting your puppy microchipped at a local vet office, it's important that a fence is installed around your yard perimeter. All fences are not built the same, making some materials and heights better than others for use in your backyard. While wood fences look nice, you should avoid horizontal planks that your puppy can easily scale and opt for something a little harder for your dog to climb over.

Extra measures can be taken when getting fencing installed such as getting rollers installed at the top of the fence, making it impossible for your puppy to get a good grip and climb over.

Get Your Puppy Trained Shortly After Adopting

Another thing to keep in mind when you have a young puppy and want it to stay confined safely in your yard is getting training done. Many training schools offer basic training for puppies, making it easier for you to deter your puppy from climbing over the fence and getting loose.

As you explore the benefits of getting fencing installed and look into what needs to be done to make your backyard as safe as possible for your new puppy, you can begin to get a good idea of how to avoid having your puppy getting loose. By knowing what steps to take before getting fencing installed and looking into how a vet can help with microchipping, you can feel comfortable having your puppy spend time in your yard without a problem.

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