Neutering Your Male Dog: 4 Reasons Why It's A Good Idea

There's a new sentiment and movement, backed up by a few studies, against neutering male dogs. What was once an easy decision has now became a very confusing one, at least on the surface. While new studies show that some health problems are caused by neutering, the advantages still outweigh the disadvantages in a major way. There really isn't much of a competition. If you've been struggling with the idea of getting your male dog neutered, following are four reasons why it's a good idea. 

Pet Population

Astoundingly, over 3 million dogs and cats are killed in shelters each ear. Additionally, the number one cause of euthanasia in young dogs is aggressive behavior, which can be attributed to hormones as you will see later. There is a surplus of unwanted pets in this country. Not only are the unwanted put to sleep, they often live horrendous lives before they even get to the shelter. Abandoned, left out on the street, these pets never get a real chance at life. 

Training Issues

While neutering doesn't eliminate the need for training, it may make it easier. Raging hormones make male dogs do all sorts of crazy things, like mark their territory. Intact males may continue to urinate in the house regardless of training due to the fact that they're not really urinating in the house, they're marking their territory. Hormones may also make it difficult for a male dog to pay attention during training sessions. If you can't hold your dog's attention, there's no way you're going to easily train him. 

Roaming Tendencies

Intact males want to breed, and they will travel to find a great prospect. When they're ready to breed, male dogs get increasingly frustrated and restless. They may even try to break out of your home, dig under your fence, or escape while being walked. Not only is this frustrating for you as an owner, it's potentially dangerous for them. Many dogs who are hit by cars, almost 75 percent of them, are intact males. 

Aggressive Behavior

Neutering at an early age prevents aggression in male dogs. Neutered males are less likely to fight and display aggressive behaviors to both humans and other dogs. 

As you can see, there are many great reasons why you should get your male dog neutered. Although there is a slightly increased risk for developing certain diseases after neutering, neutered male dogs still live longer, nearly 2 years longer, than intact males. For more information, contact a veterinarian. If you have a cat, consult a professional at places like Cats Only Veterinary Hospital.

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