3 Large Dog Breeds That Are Gentle Around Children And Easy To Train

If you're looking to get a puppy and have young children in the home, then it's important to pick out the right breed of dog. You want one that is going to be gentle around your children and also easy to train. Here are three excellent breeds that fit that description.


Collies were bred to be herding dogs. They assisted shepherds in keeping sheep in line. Because of this, they are incredibly easy to train. They take well to direction and are very obedient. They are also loyal and watchful. A collie will also provide your home with security. They instinctively keep watch for intruders and will bark if someone is trying to get into your home or property. This instinct dates back to them keeping watch over the flock and warning the shepherd of the presence of wolves, coyotes, or other predators. If need be, they can defend the family.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers were bred to assist hunters in the field. They would retrieve the fowl and birds that the hunters shot. They are another breed that are very easy to train. They are also very friendly. Because they did not need to act as guard dogs, they are very gentle animals. They have very little aggression bred into them and are perfect for people who want a cuddly, lovable dog for the home. They will bark to alert you if someone breaks into your home, but they are not likely to try and fend off the intruders. 

They love to play outside, so they are perfect if you have a big backyard or want a dog that you can bring to the lake or a nearby park. If you have kids, you should definitely take a look at white golden retriever puppies for sale.

St. Bernard

These dogs were bred to be rescue dogs. They were used in Switzerland to help find people in the Alps. Because of the location of their work, they were bred with full, thick coats, and enough fat to insulate them in the cold weather. They do well in cold climates, but if you live in an area that has brutally hot summers, you should consider how you will care for the dog. They might need to be in an air-conditioned apartment or house for much of the time. Even though they are large, they don't have the need for lots of exercise.

Because they were trained to be rescue dogs, they are used to dealing with weak or infirm people. This translates well when putting them into contact with children. The dogs don't have the instinct to try and be aggressive or challenge authority and assert dominance, as some other breeds do. They don't make great watchdogs and might not even bark if someone enters the home. They can be trained to do so, but it's not bred into them.

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